A warm welcome to Kinship & Love

It is with great honor, that we can introduce luxury tags and pendants in precious metals, for you and your loved ones.
The design collection has been carefully thought of and refined over the years - which include modern and unisex items for individuals, couples, and family members alike.

The designs reflect our affinity for beautiful, simple, and balanced aesthetics.
We hope you may find design items which can be worn close to your heart during a whole lifetime - and to be shared with someone important in your life.
The inspirations for the designs come from iconic and natural form factors - which historically carried a meaning of identity, love and Christian faith.
Each design is handcrafted, piece-by-piece, by dedicated craftmen.

All items can be text engraved with the very highest quality standards. Bespoke text, based on your choice of words, that can signify special moments on life's journey - identity, love, family, newborn, baptism, development of values, inspiration and faith.
Thoughful words may provide yourself and someone you love, with guidance, inspiration, faith - daily and during time of need.
A truly meaningful gift to someone special.

Design concepts, our values and philosophy, and the focus on high-quality craftsmanship - reflect our family backgrounds, upbringing, education, service in the military, support for children in need, life experiences in Montana, California, the U.K., France, Scandinavia, and East Asia. As business designers and creatives we are currently based out of Tokyo.

We hope our design items may contribute to bonds of kinship & love between people - be it as individuals, couples, married couples, father and mother, daughter and son, and grandparents.

William & Jane