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Luxury name, I.D. military dog tags for men, women and all family members. Gifts for You, and your Loved Ones.

Personal I.D. and name tags have been important items during major historical events for freedom and liberty. A great design form for a longer bespoke engraved text.

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Personal identity and name tags have been important during major historical events for freedom and liberty.

A great design form for a longer bespoke engraved text - as a name tag, birth newborn tag, for a life motto, inspiration, faith and love.

Gift yourself. Gift for Her, gift for Him, and as family heirloom gifts for your loved ones; as a couple, wife, husband, son, daughter, grandma, grandpa. As a perfect and unique bespoke present to commemorate life's magical moments: love, anniversaries, wedding wovs, life's motto, a newborn baby' birth, birthdays, faith, baptism, confirmation, graduation, Christmas.

Wear the pendant without any engraved text - as a minimalistic design pendant, and as a beautiful pristine jewelry accessory.

Engrave options: Front-side, Back-side, max 10 letters per row, max 5 rows.

Tags are made of Silver 950, or Gold 10K and Gold 18K, or Gold Vermeil plated.

An extra option for Hairline polish is also provided.
Sold as a set of Pendant + Chain.


Handmade by craftsmen

Your pendant of jewelry is a truly unique and individual precious metal item, handmade, crafted and polished with great care in Japan.

High-quality bespoke engraving is optional (fee) on all pendants.

Pendants and chains are sold as sets

Please note that all pendants
and tags are only sold with chains as a set (pendant + chain).

(Repeat customers of gold 10K and 18K may order a new gold pendant separately.)

Hallmarks for precious metals

Each jewelry item has a Hallmark stamp certifying the standard of purity of the precious metal.
Silver items features Hallmarks for Sterling silver 925 or Silver 950.
Hallmarks for Gold 10K and 18K to certify gold purity.
Due to all jewelry items are made in Japan the Hallmarks for gold start with K (Gold K10, K18).
Gold Vermeil plated products have hallmarks of 925 or 950 to certify the underlying silver metal. The silver is plated with a layer of gold 24K, minimum +2.5microns thickness.

All pendants are reversable

The "Front side" has a brand logo (sails and a star), and the "Back side" has a hallmark to certify the purity of the precious metal.

Heart-series and Cross-series pendants have both brand logo mark and metal hallmark on one side, to leave one side completely clean for those that want to use this pristine side as front.


Height: Width: Depth: Length
H: W: D: L:

All jewelry item sizes (inches, centimeters) are approximate sizes with slight variations, as each individual item is uniquely handmade, crafted and polished by craftsmen.

H:0.9" W:0.7" D:0.03"
H:2.3cm W:1.7cm D:0.08cm
Chain set
L: 20"(50cm) or 24"(60cm) W: 0.05"(0.14cm)

H:1.2" W:0.7" D:0.03"
H:3.1cm W:1.7cm D:0.08cm
Chain set
L: 24"(60cm) or 28"(70cm) W: 0.08"(0.2cm)

H:1.6" W:0.9" D:0.03"
H:4.0cm W:2.2cm D:0.08cm
Chain set
L: 28"(70cm) W: 0.08"(0.2cm)


Diamond tip high-quality

Be your own author.
All jewelry items have a bespoke engraved option (fee) for you and your loved ones. Kinship & Love only use diamond tip engraving methods to ensure for high-quality and precision details, which require careful calibrations of position, depth and width.
The result is a a beautiful engravement with just the right balance of being subtly visible, and the text letters become a beautiful pattern accent on the jewelry item.
Due to the high-quality engravement will never erode or vanish.
It is engraved in the metal forever.
The importance of the engraved content or message can be carried through generations and passage of time.

(We do NOT use Laser due to the whitening color burn impact on the metal from laser engraving.)

Engraved Bespoke - Letters and Numbers

You can decide to engrave just initials, a name, a date - or longer content of love and inspiration, utilzing a number of lines and text letters and numbers on one or both sides of the item.
A pre-defined font type and only capital letters for a uniform design and engrave technique.


With proper care, your jewelry item may retain its beauty and value for many generations, and age with grace.
As precious metals, silver and gold, naturally tarnishes over time, we recommend to use it with care, and occassionally clean the item with care.
To reduce tarnish when not using, we recommend small airtight plastic bags made for jewelry, or other airtight safe-keeping methods for jewelry.For more care information please read our Care Instructions.

Sterling silver 925, Silver 950

Silver is a beautiful precious metal used around the world.
For all Silver jewelry items, Kinship & Love uses Sterling silver 925, and Silver 950 (only for Origin-Tag, Classic-Tag, Cross-Pendants).
All of our Silver items features a Hallmark (925 or 950) for standard verification and purity assurance.
All Silver items are handmade piece-by-piece by craftsmen in Japan.

Gold 10K and Gold 18K

Gold is one of the most beautiful precious metals in the world, with durability and lasting value for generations.
For all Gold jewelry items, Kinship & Love uses Gold 10K or 18K.
All Gold jewelry items are handmade piece-by-piece by craftsmen in Japan - each item features a Japan Gold Hallmark of K10 or K18 (equivalent to 10K and 18K).
10K yellow gold color has a more lighter color in comparison to 18K yellow gold. Both colors will naturally gain a deeper yellow color over time.

Gold Vermeil

For all Gold Vermeil jewelry items, Kinship & Love uses
a base metal of Sterling silver 925, or Silver 950 (only for Origin-Tag, Classic-Tag, Cross-Pendant),
which are plated with +2.5 microns extra thick Gold plating.
For the plating Gold 24K is used for a deeper yellow gold color.
Each item features a Hallmark for the metal base underneath the Vermeil gold plating - Sterling silver 925, or Silver 950.
All Gold Vermeil items are handmade piece-by-piece by craftsmen in Japan.

Hairline Silver 950

We offer Hairline-brushed polished versions for these two series: Origin-Tags and Classic-Tag series.
Hairline (brushed vertical lines) makes the surface more rough with texture and less shiny. A more casual look.
If a Hairline item is engraved, the text will be less visible and more subtle, than for normal polished items.


All jewelry items are sold as sets, a pendant plus a matching chain.
Chains are provided with a pre-selected length and thickness for a great balance to the size and design of the tags and pendants.

Chains are of a beautiful cut bean design, which provide a dynamic chain surface with several angle cuts for a beautiful spark.
The chains are unique and all chains are made in Japan.

On the chain's tag, on one side, there is a metal Hallmark to verify and certify the precious metal types - Sterling Silver 925, Gold 10K and Gold 18K. Gold Vermeil chain's Hallmark verify the underlying silver metal.


Delivery time

All items are made to order, and each item is handmade by craftsmen in Japan.
Please allow for a 4-6 weeks delivery time.
After your ordered item(s) has been handcrafted, inspected and packaged an email is sent to inform that the jewlery item has been packaged and is ready for shipment.

Delivery times may be subject of possible delays due to precious metals supply, customs delays, and severe weather conditions, and other unforseen factors.

Shipping, Duties, Taxes

For our U.S. and EU customers, and most other regions, all orders are shipped Delivery Duty Paid (DDP).
Applicable shipping costs, duties and taxes, are all included in the final price at check out.
Kinship & Love with the associated shipping company cover the insurance for each shipment during time in transit until up on delivery.
What you pay at checkout, is the final price.
For all international customers packages are sent with trackable parcels, UPS Worldwide Express.
On delivery, a signature by an adult is required.
We do not deliver to PO boxes.

Shipping fees may be added depending on region, territory and type of product.

For countries with special local custom regulations your order may be subject to additional charges when receiving the parcel - for example in EU-region, France and Portugal.


Order confirmation and cancellation

Please make sure that you confirm all content in your cart before completing your purchase.
If you need to cancel your order please email us with the order number to
Customer's final order close becomes effective 24 hours after the time of the order - from the date and time of the confirmation email.
After final order becomes effective - all orders are subject to below deduction rates applied
also to product returns.

A 14-day return policy applies for non-Engraved products

Counted from the date your package was delivered, to the day we received your email notification.
For return inquiries please contact us on email:
Returns must be shipped with trackable FedEx, UPS, or DHL delivery, and shipping costs and any other costs is paid by the customer.
Kinship & Love is not responsible for any lost or damaged return packages.

We will not accept any returns that are shipped back without having been initiated and agreed through above process.

All products, both non-engraved and engraved, are made to order by craftsmen, uniquely for you.
A returned product will not be resold to another customer, instead deconstructed and the metal recycled.

Non-Engraved products

Silver and Vermeil/plated
Returned products will be refunded with a 50% deduction rate of total sales price,
in order to cover the cost of deconstruction process and recycle of the precious metal, and other costs.
Gold 10K and Gold 18K
Returned products have a 70% deduction of total sales price,
in order to cover the cost of deconstruction process and recycle of the precious metal, and other costs.

Engraved Bespoke products

Please note that all items which have been bespoke Engraved are NOT refundable.

A returnable product (pendant + chain set) must be unused and in perfect/pristine condition, in its
branded package, and not moved from its original package position, no sign of wear, and together with all other
original packaging materials.
Please note there is no product exchange available,
unless the product is faulty, or the wrong piece has been delivered.

Any Sale products are not refundable.

Please read our terms and conditions and other policies:

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